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Who is Todd?

Todd is like everyone else. As a child, he had a dream. A dream to be a Russian figure skater. But unfortunately for Todd, he was not Russian and he could not skate. So like most people, his dream was shattered and he had to go get a job like everybody else. So Todd went to college, University of Florida to be exact, to be an accountant. But after 6 years of crunching numbers, he realized accounting was not for him. So he quit, and ventured into the world trying to find himself. Over the next few years, he jumped from job to job, but nothing seemed to stick. I guess you can say he hadn't found himself. So Todd decided to take a chance, and do what he did best: make fun of the world through his stupid doodles. The same doodles he has been drawing in school as a kid.

So Todd started doodling. Finally after 6 months, Todd had enough designs to start his new business idea. A t-shirt company based on his doodles. So Todd borrowed some money from his parents and started david & goliath. Where did he get the name david & goliath you ask? Well, it's too long to tell you. Anyway, that was January of 2000. Today, david & goliath has over 5000 designs and manufactures hundreds of different products. From pajamas to plush, if it's funny and stupid, they'll make it. Todd likes to make up characters and give each of them their own personalities. From Trendy Wendy to Dumb Blonde to Bonita Styles to Bear in Underwear, each one has something to say. To date, there are probably about 100 characters that live in Todd's "Stupid Factory", and it's still growing. david & goliath ships stores all over the world as well as their own freestanding "Stupid Factory" stores.

Nowadays besides the typical david & goliath products, Todd's doodles have made there way onto many other things. Like greeting cards, books, lithographs and original paintings to name a few. His first book "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them" was a huge success, despite all the controversy. Controversy that got him write-ups in Time, The Wall Street Journal and People Magazine. Todd was even named #97 in the book "100 People Screwing Up America". He hopes to be ranked higher next year. Todd has several more books due out next year. Todd has also made a huge jump in the art world. His paintings and lithographs are shown in many galleries around the globe and he has at least 10 art shows a year. Todd has upcoming art shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London and Japan. For more info on his art, visit www.pop-factory.com.

Todd is now working on an animated cartoon series for television and even has his own column in Seventeen magazine called "Stupid Stuff by Todd". Todd has one simple philosophy. Make people laugh! Whether they're laughing at him or with him, he doesn't care, just as long as they're laughing.

Todd is single and lives in Los Angeles. Day to day Todd continues to write new books, paint and come up more stupid products for david & goliath. If you want to write Todd with suggestions or ideas, or just to call him a jerk, his email is todd@davidandgoliathco.com.


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